Tong Fong Low


Tong Fong Low Chinese Cuisine


2072 E.20th Street, Suite 100
Chico, CA. 95928
(530) 898-1388

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7 days a week 11am – 9pm





Located in Chico and Oroville, Tong Fong Low has some pretty good tasting chow. Yesterday afternoon a friend and I stopped in for lunch.

This business location has been home to many restaurants over the years. With a unique interior and plenty of windows, it’s always had a comfortable atmosphere.

Quickly greeted then seated. After looking over the extensive menu for a couple minutes, I decided to go with the General Chicken and my friend went with the Chow Mein.


The staff were all friendly and our server checked on us often, filling water etc. When our food arrived I was surprised at the the portion size of the general chicken platter.

Half of my meal went home in a to-go box. The plate of chow mein was pretty healthy too.

Our wait time was minimal, and for the price I think you will be pleased with a visit to Tong Fong Low.

Both meals were flavorful and received two thumbs up. I recommend checking out this local Chinese Restaurant.


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